We grow your wealth by acquiring quality assets and managing them well.   

We leverage our local knowledge

HAPGOOD CAPITAL delivers strong value by sourcing investment deals that most commercial real estate (CRE) investors overlook. Within the Memphis MSA and surrounding region, we acquire or develop office/medical, retail, self-parking, and flex buildings. Our hands-on local focus is driven by years of experience within markets we know well.

We focus on the fundamentals

We are vigilant stewards of our assets and their financial success is our top priority. We mitigate risk through rigorous underwriting, by following a standardized due diligence process, and by implementing a robust risk management plan for each deal.

Our reputation is more important than our growth

Our vision is to build a reputation as a reliable source of CRE investment opportunities that offer strong returns on a risk-adjusted basis. As such, HAPGOOD CAPITAL will never pursue a marginal deal. Period. We prioritize the financial performance of our assets under management over the number of new deals we close. In short, we value quality over quantity.

Why invest in commercial real estate with us?

Attractive Returns

CRE investments tend to experience lower price volatility and higher dividend yields versus those in equity markets.


Within the Memphis MSA and surrounding region, real estate markets tend to be less volatile and offer higher cash yields than those in most major markets.

Economies of Scale

Participate in owning much larger properties than you could afford to own yourself.


Reduce concentration risk by owning more properties in more markets than you could afford to own yourself.

Passive Income

Avoid the hassles and worries of direct property ownership, while benefiting from our relationships, resources, and best practices.

Inflation Hedge

During inflationary periods, CRE income tends to keep pace with inflation as rents increase too.

Market Risk

Lower your exposure to equity market volatility and avoid the tendency to sell based upon such volatility.

Tax Advantaged

Depreciation expenses pass through to you to reduce your incomes taxes. Often, accelerated depreciation and/or deferred capital gains (via 1031 exchange) can further reduce your tax liabilities.

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